Brad Harman

World Class Fielding Workshop


As a former professional Baseball player, I was afforded an unbelievable opportunity to travel the world chasing my dream.

Along that journey, I was privileged to work alongside and learn from some of the very best defensive minds and players in the game.

These learnings are something I will always be very passionate and thankful for.

I love passing this information on to individuals and club’s alike because of the transformation that happens for them, as it did for me.

This transformation can only be possible because of the direct defensive skill set that is transferrable between the two games.

I have witnessed firsthand what happens when, at my sessions, I help educate a cricket team on how to take their fielding to a world class level.

The shift that occurs here doesn’t only make the fielding world class but shifts the mental approach towards world class also.

I love discussing mindset and philosophy with elite and club cricketers and seeing them become captured in realising where there defensive game can take them.

Yes, we will discuss and demonstrate easy to duplicate drills for your club to continue to implement which will address the following areas,

  • Throwing Mechanics from the outfield
  • Throwing mechanics from the infield
  • Fielding Mechanics

What I love to focus on however, is that the best fielders in the world, do things that others don’t.

Sure they may have great hands, great athleticism and a strong arm.

However, do we need all three to be an elite fielder?

What do these players do that separates them from their peers and can we all adopt the same process?

Keep reading for the answers;



The process of the elite consists of:

  • Prepare / Knowledge ( Game situation / Batsman / Runner )
  • Ready position (Are you really in a ready position?)
  • Anticipation (Do you anticipate? Can you anticipate if you are not in a position to move?)
  • First Step / Routes / Angles
  • Speed of play
  • Create your bounce (Can you alter the bounce you get?)
  • Balance
  • Mechanics through the fielding and throwing process

There are 8 points above and how many are based around mechanics?

 I have spent the past 3 years working within the Cricket community spending time with the following groups,

  • Cricket Vic Vic/Metro Academy squads
  • Cricket Vic Bushrangers
  • Cricket Vic Spirit
  • Casey South Melbourne Cricket Club
  • Cricket Tasmania HP Coach Upskill Course
  • Cricket Tasmania ( Tas Roar members)

Over this period I have been very fortunate to pass on my knowledge, as well as gain valuable insight enabling me to evolve and grow as a coach that provides the very best experience and information possible.

This allows cricket teams and clubs to work towards becoming elite with their defence. Imagine how many more games your club could win, when we together, lift the standard of your defence towards world class!

That means less pressure on the bowling staff and less runs to chase. How awesome would that be?

I am incredibly excited to get to work throughout the state of Victoria in an effort to raise the bar in what has been considered for a long time the most underworked skillset in the game.

This will be a 2 hour workshop, jam packed with fun and knowledge for your club to continue your journey towards the pointy end of your respective competition. 

With Pre-Season schedules underway, don’t miss your opportunity to book a night or weekend session.

Contact me if you want to be known as the strongest defensive club in the league.

Being the best is a decision, make the decision today. 

Please see below a testimonial supplied by Chris Hall, Casey SMCC Head coach during my time spent as the club’s fielding coach in 2014/15

From the very first conversation I had with Brad about how Baseball technique

and strategy can improve cricket, my eyes were opened to a whole new exciting approach to coaching.

From throwing technique, to set positions, to drop steps, to strategic positioning, 

he’s revolutionized how I coach Cricketers and I look forward to seeing him continue

to impact the game of Cricket in such a positive way”

Chris Hall

Please also find an attached letter of reference supplied by John Hayes, Coach Development Manager of Cricket Tasmania.

I am extremely grateful to both Chris and John for their continued support of my pursuit to provide world class fielding and throwing information to cricketers across the country.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon

Brad Harman