Forfeits/Game Change


Once the competition has begun with all courts fully allocated, no reschedules will be allowed.


Any team forfeiting a game less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of that game will have to pay, in full, the game fee for that game.


The team has an option of playing a fill in game within two weeks of forfeiting in order to avoid being penalised any points if there is a game available.


In order to avoid a forfeit, teams may vary the composition of their team from week to week.


Additionally, Saxon Sports maintains a register of individual players who are available to “fill-in” or take up a permanent position in a team.

Game Fees


All teams are expected to pay FULL GAME FEES each week regardless of the number of players playing.


 Teams will not be allowed to take the court if they have not paid their game fee.


In special circumstances, whereby approved by management, teams not paying the full game will have until their next game to pay the money owing.


If failing to pay at their next game, teams will be penalised two competition points per week until they become financial.


Registration Fees


Registration fees for all new teams are the equivalent of a game fee.


Players must ensure that their personal details have been provided to the centre at the beginning of the season.




Saxon Sports shall provide the official/s who shall control the game, operate the scoreboard and act as a timekeeper.


The official’s interpretation of the rules shall be final and teams have no choice in officials.


The result on the scoreboard at the end of the game will stand and no further discussion will be entered into.




Teams must be in matching coloured shirts by the third competition game.


Players are not permitted to wear jeans or any footwear that is not deemed to be a sports shoe.

Variation in colour through wash and wear will be tolerated as long as the colour has not varied too significantly.


The umpire/referee will judge whether a uniform is correct.


If there is a dispute, the Duty Manager will make the final decision.


Teams failing to have matching coloured shirts by the required game will incur the following penalty, if claimed by the opposition captain prior to the halfway point of the game: Soccer - 1 goal, Cricket - 3 runs.




Players must play 5 games during the season in order to qualify for finals.


Teams who join the competition during the season must ensure players play one third of the games to qualify.


Ladder positions are decided on total points.


If any teams are level on points, goal difference shall be the deciding factor.


In the event of a drawn final, extra time shall be played until the winner is determined (cricket is decided by the team finishing higher on the ladder).


Extra time will apply for all sports in grand finals.


Eligible Players


Men’s Competitions – all participants must be male and over the age of 16


Ladies Competitions – all participants must be female and over the age of 14


Mixed Competitions – all participants must be over the age of 14


If a player plays on a regular basis in a high grade of competition, they will need to seek approval to play in a lower grade from the opposition team & captain prior.


Competition Grading


Monday Premier, Tuesday Premier, Friday Premier, World Cup/EPL/Euro

Monday Div 1 Tuesday Div 1

Monday Div 2 Tuesday Div 2

Thursday Mixed, Thursday Ladies



Centre Management can make exceptions to the above Eligibility rules upon written application.



Fill-in Players


Any player registering for a team after Re-grade must have approval from management.


If it is felt that this player affects the grading of the team involved to the disadvantage of other teams in the grade, approval may not be given.


Re-Grading Teams


A team which in the opinion of management is graded incorrectly shall be moved after Round 3 of a season or at any other time up to Round 10 if necessary at the discretion of management.


A new team entering a grade will be awarded average points based on the teams in that grade up until the halfway point of the competition.


Any team entering a grade after the halfway point will be awarded the same number of points as the bottom team.


A new team to a grade must however play a minimum of three games to be eligible for finals.


A team found breaching this rule will automatically lose the game on forfeit.




As all the sports we offer are active in nature with moving equipment, participants need to be aware that injuries may occur and players play at their own risk.


Personal accident insurance is provided via JLT Insurance in conjunction with Indoor Sports Victoria


Players are covered (including ambulance cover) once they pay the $5 fee per season.


All patrons are strongly advised to also have their own private health insurance.


Teams Late On Court


Penalties apply for teams that are late on court.


If both teams are running late, neither team will be penalised until one of the teams has the minimum amount of players required on court.


Incomplete Matches


In the event of an incomplete match, the result will stand if the game has passed the half way mark for soccer and netball, and the halfway mark of the second innings for cricket.


If the game is abandoned before this point, the match will be re-scheduled.


The only exception being matches terminated at the official’s discretion.




For the enjoyment of all, games are expected to be played in a sportsmanlike manner.


The centre reserves the right to dismiss any team or member thereof for threatening, offensive or abusive behaviour.


The team shall be held responsible for the actions of its members and spectators both on and off the court.