Indoor Cricket Junior Rules

Indoor Cricket for Juniors

Under 16s, Under 14s & Under 12s



 Indoor Cricket – Outdoor Rules

Starts MARCH 2018!


Whilst most Indoor Cricket Centres run competitions with the standard rules  - here at SAXON SPORTS we have a modified competition which has rules designed for 'Outdoor Cricketers' - therefore, improving the all round skills of players during the off season!

Whether you are a batter, bowler, keeper or fielder, you are sure to enjoy every game and to improve at the same time!!

We have just partnered with MYCRICKET to bring you the most modernised indoor cricket competition that the world has ever seen!


Wednesday's for 16s, Mondays for 14s & Thursdays for 12s

Team Format
  • Each side consists of six players.  Minimum of four players needed. 
  • Each side faces a maximum of 12 overs.
  • When a team has less than 6 players then they will be bowled out once each batsman has been dismissed - there is no substitute batter.
  • When a team has less than 6 players then the opposition can nominate who is to bowl the overs for the absent player- but can not nominate any one player to bowl more than 1 extra over.

Cost & Age Qualification

  • $60 ($10 per child) per side per game plus registration for the upcoming NEW season.
  • Players must be 16 or Under at the start of the competition


  • All players must wear matching coloured tops by the end of round 3. No yellow tops allowed. No jeans, ridged boots or steel capped shoes to be worn.


  • Batters cannot be dismissed first ball apart from run out.
  • Once a batter is dismissed he is out and cannot bat again.
  • Ball must bounce before the net to score the additional net runs
  • Batters retire after they have been atthe crease for 4 complete overs
  • Retired batters return in the order that they retired


  • There must be a Keeper and bowler at all times and only 1 player allowed in each quarter of the court.
  • The quarters will be deemed as from  the keepers back net to the first red line, from the red line to the half way line, from the half way line to the second red line and from the red line to the bowlers back net
  • Everybody bowls
  • Each player bowls a maximum of 2 overs.


  • Saxon Sports Frankston will provide a central umpire who keeps score and has the final decision.
  • The batting side provides the square leg umpire.
  • Any abuse of an umpire before, during or after play, may result in points being deducted from the teams total, at the descretion of the Management.


  • Batsmen are out in the same manner as outdoor but cannot be caught off the nets.
  • Batters cannot be dismissed first ball (apart from run out) - its a FREE HIT first ball you face

Power Plays

  • There will be two power plays during each innings - one for the batting side and one for the bowling side - during a power play batters will score the additional 'net' runs whether the ball bounces before the net or not making it will be possible to score  6s!
  • The Bowling Powerplay can be called by the bowling team captain at any stage in the game.
  • The Batting Powerplay can be called once a bowler has been nominated to bowl the next over - the bowling captain CANNOT change the bowler once the powerplay has been called.
  • The umpire and batters must be informed by the captain of the fielding side or the batters that the POWERPLAY is being taken.



  • Each team captain/manager must  pay at the front desk BEFORE the start of the game. 
  • Captains/managers are also responsible for the conduct of each player in the team.



  • Net behind keeper and above net         0 runs
  • Side nets to half way line                      1 run
  • Side nets from halfway to back net       2 runs
  • Back net                                                 4 runs (6 in a power play!)
  • A completed run                                    1 run
  • Bonus run when ball hits a second net  1 run
  • NB. Leg Byes will count as if the ball has hit the bat
  • NB. No runs when any net is hit on the full, except for those that are actually run  or when hit during a POWER PLAY. 

Wides & No-Balls

  • Offside wides are called when the ball crosses the batters crease outside the outer white line on the crease.
  • Legside wides are called then the ball crosses the batters crease outside the inner white line on the crease.
  • Two runs will be added for these infringements plus what is scored.
  • Four runs will be added during a POWERPLAY OVER for these infringments.
  • Extra balls will only be re-bowled in the last over of each innings.


  • Players must have played at least 4 games to qualify.
  • Players qualified to play for more than one team can only play for their original team in the finals series.


  • If a team has less than 4 players for the start of the game.
  • If a team fails to turn up.  A game will be organised for the attending team where possible.
  •  If any player or spectator of either side enters the court with the intention to get involved without authorisation.
  •  NOTE: A forfeit match fee of $48.00 will be charged.



  • Stumps, keeping gloves and balls provided by the centre. 
  • Players to bring own bat, gloves and abdo protector.



  • Win                                                       10 points
  • Draw                                                      5 points
  • Loss                                                       0 points
  • BONUS - Every 2 wickets                      1 point
  • BONUS – Every 40 Runs a side makes  1 point